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Our Two-3 System       Explained

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Kelley Productions can help Businesses Expand Rapidly and Generate a Predictable Flow 📈 of New Clients Using Commercial Video Production 🎥 and Industry Leading Digital Advertising Systems.

Portfolio of our       TWO-3 System

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Convinced? Wait no longer... 

Sales & Marketing Videography

There's great pride with this service as we partner with you to help you grow your business. No... we don't just make a video, take your money and wish you luck 😆. Get real... We walk through our proven Two-3 strategies to get you traffic to not only your awesome video, but to your online store, business or website to turn those visits into paid 💸conversions. Market Research reigns supreme in this space, therefore we ensure you are equip for the influx of consumers ready to support your business.

Video Recording

Real Estate Videography

Technology has us touring homes🏡 like a robot with arrows on the floor. I love how far we've come however, I need something better than arrows 💤 to show me a home... especially when I'm arguably making the biggest purchase of my life!  Our system to cinematically capture a homes glory inside and out, complete with aerial 🚁views makes it real to the "New Home Owner". They deserve it so spare no expense to give it to them with real walk-throughs that WARM the heart. 

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Video Business Commercial

I love sharing my passion with my clients, and offer many types of services to do exactly that. We spare no expense to ensure that you get the target 🎯audience convinced that you are the perfect choice. Our VBC connects your brand with the RIGHT clientele and with our structured 🏗️ approach, your vision is captured and turned into cinematic excellence to bring products and services to life. 

Marketing Department

Corporate Videography: Want a Marketing Department 🏬 for your business that produces measurable results? Whether it is instructional videos, corporate training, or new company product releases, we make visually stunning 🤩 videos that drive excitement from within. This option acts as a Marketing Department that pays dividends over and over 📈without the overhead of personnel, equipment, or leased spaces. 

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Camera Equipment
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The passion of transforming businesses and adding our creativity to spark leads, brand recognition, and increased sales is parallel to our core values 🔱. We work as a small team and my job is to bring your vision to a reality with a value proposition at an affordable 🤑 price.  Content creation has a shelf life which is why we create value driven assets that last for years. Our Two-3 Digital Marketing and Videography Formula gives you valued video assets to place your business in front of the right people. We guarantee a 2(x) return compared to your current schema without professional video ✅. So if you are thinking about scaling your business to the next level, let us capture your hard work through our lens so that you can focus on managing leads, run your business, and marvel in revenues generated. 🛫

If you have the passion to take your business to the next level and want to implement our proven TWO-3      system to do that, book your discovery session,  fill out the questionnaire🙌, and prepare to launch 🚀  your business to new heights! 

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Call or Text (240)301-2448 for an immediate response! 

Las Vegas, Nevada

Video 📹is the single leader in messaging.

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