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About Me

Growing up in the Nations Capital, Washington D.C, I have been exposed to the greatest events.  I’ve been a technologist since I was a kid and with my Dad always operating a camera as a photographer, therefore the love for it came naturally. After shooting and editing my first video for my friends business, clients poured in for him and the writing was on the wall in which, I knew exactly what my calling was.  We like helping people; we like making a persons vision become real while invoking the feelings within the video to the prospects.  Tapping into the deepest part of a persons emotion can drive a customer base, instill confidence, and drive sales.  In short, traffic coming to your site and social media is a MUST in today’s world. The viewership time span is roughly 5-15 seconds and if you do not captivate the audience during that time, they move to the next advertisement.


That is what KELLEY PRODUCTIONS specialize in. Not only will we capture the viewer, but we also ensure that the target audience views your content turning your leads ultimately into conversions, increasing your monthly profits and overall business growth. How do we do that? We use a proven system of ad campaigns along with amazing videos that drive your clients to gravitate to YOU through custom messaging. Then we reinforce the messages with specific call to actions based on the advertisement selected during that phase of your strategic marketing plan. We have a small team of three (that work the job of 10) so our ability to reduce expensive overhead while creating very professional results is passed to YOU in cost savings.  See… we don’t just sell videos, we don’t sell advertisements, we SELL RESULTS with real tangible GROWTH

If you have the passion to take your business to the next level and want to implement our proven TWO-3      system to do that, book your discovery session,  fill out the questionnaire🙌, and prepare to launch 🚀  your business to new heights! 

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